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Replacement Filters for Ecosoft Dewberry Jug x 6

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Replacement Filters for Dewberry Filter Jugs. Purifying of water for drinking, removing impurities and improving taste.

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Replacement Filters for Ecosoft Dewberry Jug x 6


The Ecosoft jug filter cartridge will provide high quality purifying of water for drinking, removing impurities and improving taste. The filters are filled with the Ecomix® media that reduces a wide range of typical impurities in tap water including chlorine, hardness, iron, manganese, natural organic matter and oil products.

Particularly recommended for hard tap water with high content of iron and natural organic matter.

What’s inside the cartridge?

Primary water purification is carried out using a mesh, which holds large mechanical impurities. Then the water passes through filtering material Ecomix, which consists of several components. As a result, you get pure, clean odorless water.

In addition the filter can reduce the follow water impurities resulting in key benefits:

  • hardness — to prevent scale formation;
  • chlorine and chlorination by-products — water acquires taste and odor of natural spring and cancerogenic organochlorine compounds;
  • iron — to eliminate metallic taste in water;
  • toxic heavy metals — as a result, they don’t accumulate in the human body;
  • sediments — sand, rust, scale, other insoluble impurities of various size;
  • natural organic matter — to make water clearer and more transparent.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Dewberry filter is only suitable for cold tap water

  • We recommend to replace the cartridge every month.
  • Before replacing the cartridge be sure to wash all the details of the filter jug under running water.
  • All the details of the filter jug can be washed in the dishwasher.



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