Taco ES2 ADAPT 70 Circulator Pump

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Taco ES2 ADAPT 70 Circulator Pump

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Circulator Pumps for domestic and commercial Hot-water heating systems

Max Flow: 66 l/min (4m³/h) Head: 7m

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Taco ES2 ADAPT 70 Circulator Pump


Premium high efficiency Taco ES2 ADAPT 70 circulator for heating systems. Taco ES2 ADAPT is a wet rotor high efficiency circulator, driven by a permanent magnets synchronous motor (PM motor) controlled by an on board inverter. The motor is protected against overload thanks to a thermal protection and an automatic electronic release function of the rotor. No external protection is required. Operated by selector technology. LED user interface.

Featuring activeAdapt mode for easier and faster installations

Taco Circulator pumps can be used as alternatives to other leading manufacturers products including DAB and Grundfos. Full a full list of pump equivalents click here. If you require any help with product selection please call or email.


Suitable for all kinds of Hot-water heating systems in domestic and commercial applications.
Heating bills are one of the most expensive expenditure:

80% of the annual household energy consumption is primarily due to heating living spaces, followed by domestic water heating. It is therfore extremely important that high efficiency systems are installed in houses so as to cut down on unnecessary consumption.

Taco Flow Solutions circulators are designed with innovative technology which are able to reduce power consumption and optimize system performance by promptly responding to its demands, thus preventing unnecessary waste.


– Highly efficiency due to Taco permanent magnets motor
– Compact design: the smallest available on the market
– A LED provides information about the operation status of the circulator
– active ADAPT mode
– Electronic controls allow to set advanced features and load adjustment capacity Δp-c (constant differential pressure) and Δp-v (proportional differential pressure)
– Min-Max mode: allows to set the exact working point across the range
– The pump housing is cataphoresis treated (KTL) and resistant to corrosion


Threaded pipe connection:
ES2 ADAPT 15-70/130: G 1
ES2 ADAPT 25-70/130: G 1 ½
ES2 ADAPT 25-70/180: G 1 ½
ES2 ADAPT 32-70/180: G 2
Ambient temperature:  0°C to +40°C
Fluid temperature**:  +2°C to +110°C
Temperature range at max. ambient temperature:
of 30°C = +30°C to +110°C
of 35°C = +35°C to +90°C
of 40°C = +40°C to +70°C
Max. operating pressure:  Max 1.0 MPa – 10 bar
Head: 7 mtr head
Minimum pressure on the intake opening:
0.03 MPa (0.3 bar) at 50°C
0.10 MPa (1.0 bar) at 95°C
0.15 MPa (1.5 bar) at 110°C
Maximum relative humidity: ≤ 95%
Sound pressure level:  < 43 dB(A)
Low Voltage directive (2006/95/CE): Standard used: EN 62233, EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-2-51
EMC Directive (2004/108/CE): Standard used: EN 61000-3-2 and EN 61000-3-3, EN 55014-1 and EN 55014-2
Ecodesign directive (2009/125/CE): Standard used: EN 16297-1 and EN 16297-2


Power supply: 1x 230 V ( ±10%); Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Electrical connection: Pull resistant cable clamp PG11
Energy Efficiency Index (EEI)*: ≤ 0,21 – Part 2
Input power (P1): Min 3W, Max 56W
Input current (I1): Min 0.03A, Max 0.44A
Insulation class: H
Protection class: IP44
Appliance class: II


Water for heating according to VDI 2035
Mixtures of water and glycol with glycol percentages not greater than 30%
Clean liquids, not aggressive and not explosive, not containing solid particles, fibers or mineral oils.


Turn the regulator to select the desired operating curve
active ADAPT
nr. 3 proportional-pressure curves (P1,P2,P3)
nr. 3 constant-pressure curves (CI,CII,CIII)
min-max mode – Fixed speed


CE marking
VDE GS marking

Circulator Pump
Thermal insulation shell
Installation and operation instructions


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions L 143.8 x W 90 x H 130 mm

Performance Data



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