Friction Loss Calculator

Friction Loss Calculator

A friction loss calculator for water is a tool that estimates the pressure or friction loss in pipes due to the flow of water. This loss is calculated based on the flow rates in circular pipes, the internal diameter of the pipe, the pipe length, and the type of pipe. Please note that these calculations are for guidance only and should always be checked by a qualified professional, as the requirements of different projects and applications can vary greatly.

Copper Pipe Internal Bore
15 mm 13.6 mm
22 mm 20.2 mm
28 mm 26.2 mm
35 mm 32.6 mm
42 mm 39.6 mm
MDPE Pipe Internal Bore
20mm 15.4mm
25mm 20.4mm
32mm 26mm
50mm 40.8mm
63mm 51.4mm

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