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APLOS Alpha Reverse Osmosis System

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Premium Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System – 5 stages of filtration

600GAL of drinking water per day,

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APLOS Alpha Reverse Osmosis System

Direct Flow, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, 600GPD


APLOS Alpha is the latest generation of drinking water purifiers, utilising the most advanced renowned reverse osmosis technology to purify water direct from your kitchen tap.

A large capacity, direct flow system produces 600 gallons of fresh water a day with only 1.5:1. pure to wastewater ratio. The dual lever tap provides two options of purified
reverse osmosis quality water for drinking and treated through the composite CFII cartridge filtered water for washing fruits and vegetables. The display signal and 3 colour flashing tap helps monitor filter lifespan with a warning when cartridges need to be replaced.

Benefits and Uses

Premium water purifier, featuring 5 stages of filtration
Removes particulates, chlorine, hardness, dissolved salts, fluoride, arsenic, virus, bacteria, phenol, pesticides and heavy metals
Sustainable alternative to bottled water
Duality mode of operation
Ultra-pure RO water (requires power to operate)
Filtered water through composite CFII cartridge (operates in the event of power outage)
90L of drinking water per hour
Premium quality pump that guarantees reliability
Patented RO membrane technology ensuring 3 yrs + extended life. Lower cost of service in operation
Plug & play installation (under-sink or countertop).
Quick and easy DIY filter replacement
Intelligent tap with filter lifetime indicators
Durable 100% lead-free stainless-steel tap


Stage 1-3: CFII 3-in-1 composite filter
Removes large particles, dirt, rust, sand and other particles
Removes chlorine and chloramine, unpleasant taste and odours
Protects and extends reverse osmosis membranes service life

Stage 4: High-quality RO membrane
Effectively reduces dissolved salts, hardness, heavy metals, nitrates, microplastics, bacteria, viruses etc.

Stage 5: NAC
Nano anti-bacterial post-activated carbon filter
Final polishing filter to enhance clarity and freshness
Double protection from post-bacterial contamination

Accessories included with the system:

Feed water adapter, feed valve, drain saddle
Pressure tank (total vol. 12 L/3.2 gal, usable vol. up to 7 L/1.8 gal)
Colour tubes for easy installation
Chrome-filtered water faucet
Service wrenches
User manual


Model: APLOS Alpha
Stock Code: 1197693
Filtration Stages: 5
Max Daily Production Rate: 600GPD
Flow Rate: Purified RO water 90L/h, filtered water 180L/h
Inlet Pressure: 1-3 Bar
Tap: Dual Lever Tap
Installation: Countertop or under-sink
Feed Water: Municipal tap water or pretreated well water
Recovery Rate: 65%
Operating Pressure: 4-6 Bar
Feed water quality/TDS: <1500ppm
Inlet water temperature: 5-38 degrees C
Maximum manganese in the feed water – <0.05 ppm
Maximum Iron in the feed water – <0.2ppm



Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions Length: 436 mm Width: 164 mm Height: 446 mm


APLOS ALPHA Installation Guide


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