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Duplex Water Softener System – WS1 TT Clack Valve

High-quality Duplex commercial water softeners. c/w Clack Valve

Volume of resin: 20L – 150L
Flow rate: 0.8 – 6 m3/hr

Manufacturer: Pump Express

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Duplex Water Softener System – WS1 TT Clack Valve


Introducing the Clack Duplex Water Softener, a high-performance solution designed to transform your water quality.

Clack Duplex Water Softeners effortlessly adapt to your specific requirements, ensuring a continuous supply of pristine, softened water. The robust systems are of high quality and designed for years of use. Ideal for applications that require continuous supplies of softened water.

Installation should be carried out by or under the supervision of a professional.

Regeneration is pre-set for 2am when water usage is low to guarantee an uninterrupted and dependable flow of soft water at all times.

Hard Water Problems?

Water is an essential part of our everyday life.
We drink it, wash our bodies and hair with it, clean our clothes with it, even heat our homes with it and yet we seldom pay attention to its effects. If you live in a hard water area you’ll soon know!
– Hard water causes mineral deposits to remain on the skin, hair, and clothes.
– It clogs pipes, water tanks, and boilers – reducing efficiency and increasing energy bills.
– It discolours sinks, baths, shower cubicles, toilets, and taps.
– Its deposits form limescale which reduces the effectiveness of household appliances such as washing machines.

Soft Water Benefits

See and feel the difference!
– Baths, shower enclosures, and sinks are no longer stained by mineral deposits.
– Usage and spending on detergents and shampoos is reduced by up to 50%
– Appliances last longer and maintenance costs are reduced.
– Energy bills can be reduced by at least 10%
– Skin condition can improve noticeably. People with eczema have seen significant improvement with the use of soft water.
– Hair feels softer and clothes are softer, whiter, and brighter
– Time is saved cleaning and no need to use harsh chemicals to remove limescale deposits.


Model Vessel Valve Resin Volume (L) Capacity
Between re-gens @300ppm (m3/hr)
Flow Rate
Backwash Flow Rate
Brine Tank
DWS20 10 x 24 WS1 TT (5 Button) 20 3.3 0.8 2.27 70
DWS30 10 x 35 WS1 TT (5 Button) 30 5.0 1.2 0.3 70
DWS40 10 x 44 WS1 TT (5 Button) 40 6.6 1.6 0.3 70
DWS50 10 x 54 WS1 TT (5 Button) 50 8.3 2.0 0.51 100
DSW60 12 x 52 WS1 TT (5 Button) 60 10.0 2.4 0.69 100
DSW75 13 x 54 WS1 TT (5 Button) 75 12.5 3 0.91 140
DWS100 14 x 65 WS1 TT (5 Button) 100 16.6 4 1.3 200
DWS150 16 x 65 WS1 TT (5 Button) 150 25.0 6 1.6 200


Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions Length: 254 mm Width: 254 mm Height: 609.6 mm



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