Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps

What is a sump?

A sump in its most basic terms is a hole in the ground that is used to collect water. Sumps can be used as a way of collecting flood water from either basements/cellars, or other areas where unwanted water builds up. The sumps can then be fitted with submersible pumps or ‘sump pumps’ which will remove the unwanted water and pump it through a discharge pipe or hose up and out to a drain or somewhere suitable. Typically basement/cellar sumps are 2-3 feet deep and are located at the lowest point.

What type of pump do I need?

We sell a range of pumps suitable for use in a sump. For pumps with a float switch on a short cable such as the Pedrollo Top or the Speed Mop, the sump will need to be at least 350mm x 350mm x 350mm. For smaller sumps with limited space we would recommend the Top GM which features a vertical magnetic float switch. The model of pump will also be determined by the volume and the distance you are trying to move the water. If you require help selecting the right pump please call 01633 244777 or email we will be do our best to help. To view the full range of submersible drainage pumps click here.


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