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Ecomix A filter media 25 L

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25 L Replacement Ecomix A filter media

Manufacturer: Ecosoft
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Ecomix A filter media 25 L


Ecomix A is an advanced multi-purpose filter media for problem water. Ecomix is a highly effective solution for removing water hardness, iron, manganese, tannins and ammonia. It comprises of 5 special components made from natural and synthetic materials. After loading the softener with Ecomix it separates into 5 layers ensuring an efficient operation.

Using Ecomix is more effective than traditional filtration methods for water with a high iron content as it;

– Removes ferrous, ferric, organic and colloidal iron and manganese at the highest concentration levels on the market.

– Removes the discoloration of water caused by the presence of tannins.

– Works at a low TDS, low hardness, high H2S and pH 5-9.

– Works with low salt consumption.

Benefits Ecomix A:

– Prevents scale on plumbing and scum on heating elements;

– Eliminates metallic taste of water;

– Improves the colour and smell of water.

– Clear blue water in the bathroom, healthy skin without dryness.

– Protection of household appliances &  prevents water marks on tiles and plumbing


Technical characteristics of the media

Maximum working temperature: 40 °C
Service flow rate: 20…25 m/h
Backwash flow rate: 12…15 m/h
Brine (slow rinse) flow rate: 3…5 m/h
Recommended bed depth: 800 mm
Freeboard: 40%
Salt consumption: 100 g/L of media
Brine solution concentration: 8…10%
Water consumption for washing: less than 10 L/L of media
Operational exchange capacity on hardness: 0.7 g-meq/L




Additional information

Weight 25 kg

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