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Ecosoft – Premium Water Softeners

Premium domestic water softener for use in 3 bathroom properties with up to 5 residents.

Volume of resin: 37L Capacity: 2.5 m3h (40 lpm)

Manufacturer: Ecosoft
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Ecosoft – Premium Water Softeners


The Ecosoft Premium domestic water softener is a compact system with a modern design for use in 3 bathroom properties with up to 5 residents.

The water softener unit comprises of a compact cabinet with a vessel containing ion-exchange resin, and a multi functional control valve. The cabinet has a brine system for regeneration of the filter media. The salt tablets required for regeneration are poured directly into the cabinet body.


  • Reliable and long-term operation thanks to high-quality Clack Corporation components
  • Low salt and water consumption per regeneration
  • Automatic operation and intelligent regeneration of the filter at time convenient for customer
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Multilingual menu display with blue backlight
  • Quick and easy programming


  • Silky skin and healthy hair
  • Shining sanitary ware and utensils
  • Condition and colors of clothes and linens are preserved
  • Significant savings on detergents – up to 50%
  • Longer service life of equipment with heating elements (washing machine, dishwasher, boiler and kettle)
  • Cost-cutting up to 30% for electricity


Capacity (nominal): 2.5m3/hour (40lpm)
Volume of resin: 37L
Volume capacity (for hardness at 5 meq/L): 7.4m3
Salt consumption per one regeneration: 3.7 – 6.0 kg
Water consumption per one regeneration (volume of discharge): 0.37m3
Regeneration duration: 80-110 min
Pressure drop in service mode: 0.5 bar
Operating pressure: 2 -6 bar
Power supply: 230V 50 Hz
Power consumption: 30W
Diameter of pipeline connections: 1″

Feed Water Requirements

Hardness: 15.0 meq/L
Iron: 0.2 mg/L
Manganese: 0.05 mg/g
Chemical oxygen demand: 5.0 mg O2/L
Required level of purification from sediment particles: 100 micron  
Temperature of feed water: +4 … +30°С

The filter is connected to the cold water supply. Water pre-cleaned from sediment impurities enters the filter vessel filled with ion-exchange resin. Water passes through the resin layer which reduces hardness of the water. Purified water is supplied to consumer through the riser pipe of the filter vessel.

After the resin is exhausted, and can no longer absorb the ions of hardness, the control valve switches the filter to regeneration mode. For user’s convenience, the valve settings are programmed so that the filter is regenerated at the time when water is not consumed.

Regeneration of the filter media is divided into 4 clearly predetermined stages that are carried out by the valve independently. The first stage – the filter is backwashed in order to plough up the filter media and wash out sediment particles from it. Then the brine solution is supplied from the brine tank to the filter vessel to pass through resin. As a result, hardness salts are washed out, and together with the remains of solution are discharged to sewers. At the end of the regeneration, the resin is washed with a direct stream of water (step 3) to wash out remains of brine solution. The last stage (4) is filling the brine tank with water to dissolve the tablet salt and preparing the solution for the next regeneration. After that, the filter can be again used for water purification.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions Length: 520 mm Width: 350 mm Height: 1130 mm

Performance Data


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