Water Softeners

Water Softenerswater_softening

Installing a water softener can give substantial benefits and savings on items such as soap, detergents as well as the long terms benefits of reduced water heating bills and protection of bathrooms fittings, dishwashers, washing machines etc.

Benefits of Water Softening – See and Feel the Difference!

Dishes – Water softening will make your spotted dishes, silverware and glass ware cleaner and shinier
Linens – Cleaner, whiter, brighter softer laundry. Eliminates hard water deposits allowing faster more efficient cleaning and rinsing.
Faster Heating – Softened water increases the efficiency of a hot water heater and speeds up the heating process, meaning reduced energy consumption and lower energy bills.
Hair & Skin – Skin conditions can improve noticeably. People with eczema have seen significant improvement with the use of soft water.
Scaling & Stains – Baths, shower enclosures and sinks are no longer stained by mineral deposits
Detergent, Wear & Tear – Improved efficiency and longer life of appliances. Detergents work more efficiently.