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Levante Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis

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Featuring 5 stages of water purification – Pump (1-4 bar)


2,448ltrs of drinking water per day

Manufacturer: Puricom
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Brand: Puricom
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A photo showing a white membrane replacement for a Levante Reverse Osmosis System.
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A photo showing a white membrane replacement for a Levante Reverse Osmosis System.
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A photo showing a white membrane replacement for a Levante Reverse Osmosis System.
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Levante Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis

Direct Flow Reverse osmosis

The device comes without a water tank and includes a five-stage water filtration system. This system uses a high-performance reverse osmosis membrane.  The membrane contains microscopic pores that allow pure water to pass through while retaining dissolved minerals and contaminants. In terms of device maintenance, this product features an easy twisting mechanism allowing you to take out the filter and replace it with the new one, without having to move or uninstall the device. This device uses multi-filtration technology to increase its efficiency. This helps to avoid blockages in the filter membrane and extends the lifespan of the device while keeping a high level of water quality and consistent taste.

Benefits of the device:

  • Filter control – Automatic maintenance warnings.
  • Automatic detection leak system.
  • LED status lights for more information.
  • Pressure control modules to help prevent pressure drops.
  • Direct access frame for easier maintenance.
  • High-performance motor.
  • Five-stage water filtration system.
  • High-performance reverse osmosis membrane.

Device Specifications:

  • Purification technology: Reverse Osmosis
  • Pre-Filter: Combi Sediments + Block carbon.
  • Post-Filter: Block Carbon
  • Reverse Osmosis: 600PD
  • Production: 1.7 LPM
  • Power: 100W | 24V
  • Pressure (Min/Max): 4 bar – 1 bar (400kPa-100kPa)
  • TDS(Max): 1500ppm
  • Temperature (Min/Max): 38 ºC – 5 ºC.
  • Hardness (Max) 15ºHF
  • Low-pressure switch.

Recommended Maintenance

  • CF Prefilter: 12 months or 11,000 Liters.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane: 60 months or 20,000 l. for soft
  • waters to be treated. (hardness <15 ºHF)).
  • CB Postfilter: At least every 12 months or 4000 Liters.
  • Sanitization: At start-up. At least every 12 months depending on use. Every time components in contact with water in the equipment are accessed or no water has been consumed for more than a month. * Depending on the intended use and characteristics of the water to be treated.


Additional information

Weight 12.45 kg
Dimensions Length: 310 mm Width: 440 mm Height: 195 mm


Water treatment – Reverse osmosis

Improvement of the drinking water specifications (that complies with the requirements of the European Directive
on water for human consumption 98/93 or its national transpositions in the different member states of the European Community).

Modifications for reduction or contribution

• Water treatment by reverse osmosis is capable of reducing concentration of salts and other substances in high
• Minimal reduction* of certain compounds and parameters:.

Sodium: 90%.
Calcium: 90%.
Sulfate: 90%.
Chloride: 90%.
Total hardness: 90%.
Conductivity: 90%.

* Depending of the characteristics of water to be treated (at the membrane outlet). These values may vary depending
on the type of post-filter that the equipment incorporates and / or regulation of the mixing valve (if it is included)

Control Limits

Maximum pressure switch.
Inlet control bypass solenoid valve.
Flushing solenoid valve.

Security system:

Minimum pressure switch.
Electronic leak sensor.
Water quality control.
Maintenance notice.

Dimensions (A x B x C in mm): 414 x 130 x 445.
Weight (in kg, including all accessories):  12, 45

Inlet connection: 3/8” | 1/4”.
Drain connection: 1/4”.
Tap connection: 3/8” M-F. *****
Wall adapter:  Tube clamp
Drain collar: 40 mm drain





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