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Messner 7000 Pond Filter System With Pump

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Pond Filter System- For unplanted goldfish ponds up to 3000 litres and planted ponds without fish up to 7000 litres.

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Messner 7000 Pond Filter System with ULTRA VIOLET & Pump

Introducing the all-in-one pond filtration kit from Messner – German Engineering, High Quality, Low Energy.

The Messner 7000 Pond filter System offers 3 stages of filtration.

MECHANICAL – Capturing larger suspended particles residing in the water that passes through this first stage.
BIOLOGICAL – Beneficial bacteria populates this stage in the filtration process. Undesirable bacteria is dispatched and removed from the water column.
ULTRA VIOLET – Using UVC processes the micro-organisms remaining in the polished water. The UV rays work at a DNA level to deactivate the micro-organism inhibiting the reproduction process and subsequently those cells expire and no more are present.

Algae can be a pest in the aquarist world and needs to be controlled. The Messner 7000 Pond Filter will keep the Algae at an acceptable level for your pond ecosystem. Algae in small blooms can benefit your pond by providing essential nutrients and it will also increase oxygen level.

Messner 7000 Pond Filter System for unplanted fish ponds up to 3000 litres and planted ponds without fish up to 7000 litres.

This filter system includes:

Messner M2101 pond pump
Mechanical filter media
Biological filter media
11 watt UVC for algae control.

Messner M2101 pond pump Performance

35 l/min max flow
2,100 l/h max flow
2.5 m max Head
44 watts power consumption
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 190 x 112 x 112
Outlet 1/2″
Supplied with 10m of cable


Additional information

Weight . kg
Dimensions L 190 x W 112 x H 112 mm

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