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Suprion – Anti Scaling Device

SUPRION is an advanced anti scaling water treatment device which fits directly into pipework

Manufacturer: Aquaflow
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Suprion – Anti Scaling Device

Scale build up as a result of naturally hard water inherent with most water supplies will eventually cause potentially expensive and/or inconvenient essential maintenance, premature equipment replacement and reduced energy efficiency, together with a potential health hazard by providing the areas and nutrients where bacteria can accumulate.

The SUPRION is an advanced water treatment device that enhances hydration between water molecules and dissolved calcium, magnesium and silica mineral salts, and incorporates a unique self generating electrostatic field design feature with no dedicated external power supply.

Long term operating and process benefits will be evident since the water is not in direct contact with the non sacrificial electrodes and will reduce chemical dosing in cooling systems.

Key Features

Environmentally friendly zero carbon footprint
Easy to install and self-energising with no power supply, magnets or coils
No commissioning required
Generally maintenance free with no filters or chemicals to replenish
No electroysis and diminishing performance evident with sacrificial electrode designs
Clear and open tube construction with no flow restriction or pressure drop
Standard progressive range of sizes from 10 to 450mm diameter
EH prefix models specifically designed for electrically heated appliances
Broad range from domestic to industrial

The only anti scaling device endorsed by British Gas after extensive testing
Model Pipe Size (mm) Pipe Size inch) Flow Rate (litres/sec)
JS-12E 15 1/2 0.25
JS-75E22 22 3/4 0.45
JS-100 28 1 1.76
JS-125 35 1 1/4 3.25
JS-150 42 1 1/2 2.98
JS-250 50 2 7.66
For more information of the Suprion range please view the datasheet here

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions Length: mm Width: mm Height: mm


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