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Throughout the UK existing mains water has had its pressure and flow reduced to combat leaks, or new buildings are going up and sharing the same mains pipe which can’t cope with the increased demand. This is generally only a problem at peak times but is increasingly becoming a frustration for many homeowners across the country. For many households the reality is all too real as more and more householders are unhappy with the poor water pressure and flow they receive, particularly when multiple outlets are in use. The disappointment that follows with household water unable to keep up is becoming more and more common. So why wouldn’t you want to improve your water flow? The next question on the tip of your tongue is “how do I improve my water flow?”

If your household has a poor water flow rate or has more than one bathroom, and a water pressure that is above 1.9 Bar, this solution will give an increase in water flow performance throughout the property allowing combi boilers and unvented cylinders to work at their optimum to provide the property owner with all the benefits of having multiple taps and showers open at the same time.

If you are looking for a solution to your problem which will involve the least amount of additional plumbing and time spent on installation then you may wish to consider one of our flow storage solutions. All they require is for you to plumb your incoming water main into the required water bye law valves prior to entering the tank and then from the outlet to the plumbing in your house. We recommend a larger bore size of pipe work prior to the tank to ensure the best possible flow into the tank.

The flow store will be quietly filling overnight (no electricity involved) and will be ready for the morning peak time when a family are all using bathrooms at the same time. Multiple tanks can be utilised.

If you would like to discuss your system or require help in selecting the best solution please call us on 01633 244777 to discuss the options or e-mail us using


*Vessel capacity is an approximation based on a mains pressure of 1.9 bar
*Tank weight full 1ltr = 1kg plus weight of empty tank

– 1/4” BSP Thread – Patented Diaphragm
– WRAS Approved – No Maintenance
– Multiple tanks can be utilised

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