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Pedrollo 4SR4 Borehole Pumps c/w Franklin Motor & QEM Control Box

4SR4 submersible borehole pumps – These pumps are suitable for pumping water with a sand content of no more than 150g/m3.

Flow rate up to 100 l/min (6 m³/h) Head up to 405m


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Pedrollo 4SR4 Borehole Pump c/w Franklin Motor & QEM Control Box


4SR4 Borehole Pump c/w Franklin Motor & QEM Control Box

Pedrollo 4SR4 borehole pumps are suitable for pumping  clean water with a sand content of no more than 150 g/m³. 4SR4 multi-stage borehole pumps are efficient and reliable and as a result are suitable for use in  domestic, civil and industrial applications in particular for the distribution of water in combination with pressure sets, for washing plants, irrigation and pressure boosting fire sets etc.

Prices include PUMP and FRANKLIN motor

The 4SR series pumps should be installed in boreholes of at least 4” (100 mm) in diameter. The pump should be lowered into the borehole, by means of the delivery pipe, to such a depth (min. 50 cm and at least one metres from the bottom) that it is completely immersed during operation when the level of water in the borehole may reduce. It is good practice to secure the pump by attaching a stainless steel cable to the anchorage points present on the delivery body.


Model: 4SR4
Delivery: 1 1/4″
Delivery Body: Precision cast stainless steel AISI 304 complete with threaded delivery port in compliance with ISO 228/1
Motor Bracket: AISI 304 stainless steel
Lexan 141-R for 4SR1-1.5-2-4-6-8
Noryl FE1520PW for 4SR10-12-15
Pump Shaft: Stainless steel AISI 304
Drive Coupling: Stainless steel AISI 316L up to 2.2 kW;
Filter: Stainless steel AISI 304
Power Supply: 230V Single Phase (230/1/50) or 400V Three Phase (400/3/50)

Supplied complete with a cable tail of approx 1m.

Single Phase price includes pump, motor and control box.

Three Phase price includes pump and motor.

Model kW HP
4SR4/7  0.55 0.75
4SR4/9 0.75 1
4SR4/14 1.1 1.5
4SR4/18 1.5 2


Flow rate up to  100 l/min (6 m³/h)
Dynamic head up to 405 m


Maximum liquid temperature +35 °C
Maximum sand content 150 g/m³
100 m
immersion limit
– vertical
– horizontal, with the following limits:
4SR1 – 4SR1.5 – 4SR2 – 4SR4 up to 27 stages
4SR6 – 4SR8 up to 17 stages
4SR10 – 4SR12 – 4SR15 up to 12 stages

Starts/hour: 20 at regular intervals
Minimum flow rate for motor cooling 8 cm/s
Continuous service S1



Additional information

Weight 13.0 kg
Dimensions L 98 x W 98 x H 567 mm

Performance Data

4SR4 Borehole Pump Performance


4SR Datasheet

Installation Guide



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