Well & Borehole Pumps

Well & Borehole Pumps

Wells and Boreholes can provide water for all kinds of applications including supplying pressurised water for a property, washing and irrigation… and best of all, it’s free!

Another great reason to start obtaining water from a borehole or well as opposed to mains water supply is that, in fact, it uses far less energy to extract water from a well or borehole than it does to obtain fresh, clean drinking water from other sources. Therefore, using a borehole or well not only costs you less but is also a lot healthier for our environment.

Our Peak (Submersible) and Jet (Non-Submersible) packages are ideal for moving water from shallow wells in most domestic applications. However for moving water from much deeper wells and boreholes, the NK, UP and 4SR range of submersible pumps are more suitable.

If you require assistance in selecting the right pump please give us a call. Alternatively just follow the link below, complete the help form and we will get back to you.

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Please Note: Unless you are purchasing an exact replacement for a Borehole Pump we would recommend that you contact us before ordering to ensure that you have the correct Borehole Pump for the job.