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Powertank 3/4 Inch Inlet/Fill Valve

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3/4 Inch BSP fill valve upgrade


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Powertank 3/4 Inch Inlet/Fill Valve

Upgrade to a larger 3/4 Inch BSP fill valve to cater for higher incoming flow rates from mains water supplies.

Mainly used for large domestic or commercial applications with high incoming mains flow rates to ensure flow rate into the tank is not restricted.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this item.

Only available on 500ltr Powertanks or larger.

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Why do I need a tank and a pump?
To increase water pressure and flow, there must first be a supply of water to pump from. If you are not getting enough from your mains then you need a break tank to store your water supply ready for when you need it. This water can then be pumped to your outlets on demand giving you plentiful water pressure and supply. Take control of your own water!

Why can’t I just fit the pump on the mains?
Water Authority byelaws prevent a pump being directly connected to the mains supply so when your mains water pressure needs a boost, a break tank must be incorporated into the system. There is a regulation that says you can pump up to 12l/min off the mains which was originally brought in because of pressure washers, but 12 l/min is just about enough to run 1 shower without water being used elsewhere and would only suggest these for single occupancy properties.

Will it be noisy?
Incorporating an ultra-quiet running submersible pump within a tank of water is about as quiet as you can get, gone are the days of feeling like your house is going to take off every time you turn a tap on! The Variable speed version is quieter still as the pump is not running full throttle unless demand is very high.

Is it easy to install?
Our all-in-one tank and pump unit is designed to remove the headache for your plumber, just fit it and forget it. We check every unit here before it leaves us to ensure that it is in perfect working order when it gets to you. Our simple installation guide makes it very easy for a qualified plumber to fit.

Where am I going to put it?
Unfortunately there is no small way to store a tank full of water, but this version is designed for properties where floor space is at a premium. The ideal place to put this system is as close to the mains stop tap as possible, and on the same level is preferable. It can be installed in a loft if there are no other options, but you might then want to think about a bigger tank as the refill rate will be slower and it will need to be supported on strong beams. This system can also be stored outside but will need to be in a sheltered environment (i.e. an insulated shed) with absolutely no risk of frost.

It seems very expensive, why should I buy your version?
Our Powertank Utility is made from high quality components and materials giving long lasting and reliable use. Guaranteed to boost your water pressure you can fit it and forget it, enjoying reaping the benefits of finally having the water supply you require and more. Easy to install this provides a compact low cost solution to water pressure problems.

What extra does the Variable Speed version give me?
The Variable Speed version has an intelligent pump controller that will supply a smooth flow of water to every outlet by maintaining a constant pressure throughout your property, speeding up and slowing down the pump to suit demand. When you are in the shower you no longer need to sigh as your pressure drops away due to the loo flushing or the kitchen tap running. This version ensures all outlets maintain a set pressure no matter how many other outlets are being used. *

You say it is Energy Saving – How?
By varying the speed of the pump to only produce the required water supply the controller is reducing the amount of energy that the pump needs and in return reducing running costs. Incorporating an 8 litre pressure vessel, this stores water at a set pressure to supply any small water requirements without having to start the pump (i.e getting a glass of water or flushing the loo), then when the pump needs to kick in it will keep running until this is filled back up for future low demands.

* Subject to being correctly plumbed. Shared pipework may affect pressures.

Quick Installation Checklist

Quick Check List for Installing Your Powertank

  • Powertank should be mounted on a solid foundation. The recommended surface for a Powertank is a concrete plinth or floor. We do not recommend installation of Powertanks on wooden structures where noise or vibration may be an issue.
  • Fill the Powertank with water through the fill valve “before” connecting the top discharge pipe work to allow air to escape from the pump.
  • Pipe work should be easy to disassemble. Consider the use of “Speedfit” or similar plastic pipework systems, or flexible hosing with a suitable pressure rating, for the last 1.0 mtr (approx.) of pipe work connecting to the unit. This will assist in reducing noise transmission, and avoid stressing the Powertank connections.

Delivery and Handling

The weight and size of the Powertank range may require the aid of lifting equipment and must be handled in a safe manner.

For full instructions, to be read before installation, please see Powertank Installation Guide>

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