POWERTANK-LOGO-FINAL-21 The Powertank Range

A Packaged Solution For Boosting Water Pressure & Flow

There are many reasons for experiencing low water pressure problems including high demand, location, and shared supply.  The Powertank range is a self-contained cold water booster set specifically designed for use in domestic and light commercial applications where existing water pressure and flow is insufficient to meet demand. For domestic applications, they are designed to be used with Unvented/Pressurised/Combi or Megaflow water systems.  The range caters for multiple space and storage capacity requirements. If you need help in selecting the right tank please refer to our Powertank Selection Guide.

What is the difference between the fixed and variable speed versions? 

The Fixed speed version has an automatic pump controller which provides the full performance of the pump on demand  (i.e. A shower is opened). As demand increases (More than 1 shower) there will be a slight reduction in pressure and flow. However; for properties with 1-2 showers this will not be noticeable.

The Variable speed version has an intelligent pump controller that will supply a smooth consistent flow of water to every outlet by maintaining constant pressure throughout your property, speeding up and slowing down the pump to suit flow demand. This ensures efficient operation of the pump leading to reduced energy usage and a smoother luxury user experience. Designed for larger water demands of 2 – 6 showers, where there is the potential for multiple showers running at the same time.

The Simplicity range is designed as an entry-level Powertank offering and is only available as a fixed-speed option.

Unlike the standard Fixed Speed Powertank the Simplicity range controller does not include an integrated 3ltr pressure vessel for reducing the number of pump start & stops and does not have an adjustable start pressure feature.

Simplicity and DG PED Powertanks come with a 1 year warranty and standard Powertanks with a 3 year warranty.


If you need any more information or would like to talk to someone about the Powertank Range please call 01633 244777 or email enquiries@pumpexpress.co.uk


For Technical Help & Advice Call 01633 244777 or Email enquiries@pumpexpress.co.uk

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