Water Usage Calculator

Calculate What Size Tank You Need

How many People live in the property?

Note: If you are using this calculator to calculate water usage for a small hotel or guesthouse, please enter the maximum number of guests. For larger hotels please contact us.  

How many Showers are in the property?

Note: This figure can include a bath tub if you think it would be in use around the same time as a shower.


Average Time in Shower in minutes.

Note: This figure is set to 10 minutes which refers to the UK average time in the shower. If you think this figure does not resemble you and your family, you can adjust the figure for a more accurate quotation.  

Shower Output (litres per minute)

Note: The shower output of 10 l/min is a UK average and we therefore recommend that if you are unsure of the output of your shower you should NOT alter this figure. If you know this figure does not resemble your shower, please update it for a more accurate quotation.  

What is the Incoming Flow Rate at the property? (litres per minute)

Every property has a different incoming flow rate depending on the mains water pressure.  
Estimated Minimum Tank Size (L) Required:
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This is a guide only. If you have a pressurised hot water cylinder then you will need a smaller break tank. Please contact us if you are unsure.

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