The Waterfowl Sanctuary Washdown Pump | Customer Project

The Waterfowl Sanctuary Washdown Pump | Customer Project


Boosted Water Supply For Washdown Rooms

Fowl and bird sanctuaries provide an important service to our environment and local communities, protecting birds, and their habitats and providing a space for injured birds to recover.

The Waterfowl Sanctuary in Huntingdon has been doing great work in this area, providing a great space for injured or sick fowl and birds to recover. As a result of this, they have been playing an important part in the fight against the spread of Avian flu. Avian flu, also known as avian influenza, is a highly contagious disease in birds caused by influenza type A viruses. Depending on the strain, the illness can cause mild to severe symptoms in birds, including respiratory distress, neurological issues, and death. There is no cure for avian flu, so the best way to reduce the risk of outbreaks is to practice good biosecurity measures. This includes keeping birds separated from each other, ensuring that bird feed and water is not contaminated, and regularly checking birds for signs of illness.

As part of the improvements to the Waterfowl Sanctuary, they are developing a building that will house two washdown facilities and a treatment area for injured birds and fowl. The additional facilities will help with the great work the charity is doing in the treatment and rehabilitation of injured fowl.

We have supplied a Powertank system to the Waterfowl Sanctuary to provide a water supply to the new building and washdown facilities. A Powertank is an efficient, cost-effective water pump system that will be used to help to keep these facilities clean and free of bacteria and other contaminants that can be detrimental to the health of birds.


Based on the water requirements and incoming water flow rate our team was able to specify a suitable system, a 500ltr Variable Speed Powertank. This will be able to provide great water pressure and flow to all the water outlets when the building work is complete.

Please contact Pump Express to check suitability if you intend to purchase this item for a similar application. 

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