Boost Water Flow Rate at a Hotel | Customer Projects

Boost Water Flow Rate at a Hotel The customer at a hotel consisting of 14 bedrooms each with mixer showers contacted Pump Express to see what could be done to achieve an acceptable flow rate at the far end of the hotel as this part of the hotel had consistent issues. The hot water system in the hotel consisted of a 1000ltr unvented hot water cylinder. The static cold-water pressure was 2.0 bar and the highest mains water flow rate they [...]

Replacement for burnt out well pump | Customer Projects

Replacement for burnt out well pump A request for a replacement Well pump was received, due to the current pump had over heated and burnt out. Discussion first centred on how big the Well was and discovered it was 1.2 metres in diameter and 2 .1 metres deep. The existing pump “being a submerged pump” was actually not submerged due to the fact that three properties were connected to the Well and all had fitted very large holding tanks. The well [...]

Pressure boosting on holiday let | Customer Projects

Pressure boosting on holiday let Pump Express was asked to advise on a proposed holiday let that was to be built on a customer’s adjacent property. The existing house was utilising a gravity vented water system and the holiday let was initially going to be added to this system. The number of proposed showers in the holiday let would be 5 in total, and the current gravity system was deemed as unable to provide a enough flow to support this. The 2 storey [...]

Pump set for multiple occupancy building | Customer Projects

Pump set for multiple occupancy building A Property owner contacted Pump Express looking for information and recommendations for a pump set to supply water in their multiple occupancy building. This building consists of 5 flats over 3 floors, with a total of 15 showers. The site had a 3000 litre break tank already fitted and the pump set would draw from the break tank and supply potable water to the 5 flats. Each flat had their own pressurised hot water system Our [...]

Utilise well water as potable water | Customer Projects

Utilise well water as potable water A customer contacted us as they had recently discovered a well on their property and they wanted to know what pumps and water treatment equipment would be needed to utilise this as potable water for their house. We advised that they would need a Peak Plus pump package which consists of a submersible well pump to supply the water and a pump controller to automate the operation of the pump on pressure drop (opening a [...]

Low water pressure due to shared mains pipe | Customer Projects

Low water pressure due to shared mains pipe The customer contacted Pump Express with a situation concerning a shared mains pipe that supplied 6 other properties and they were on the very end of that shared mains pipe. The customers aim was that they would be able to have a shower at any time of day and it not being reduced to literally a drip from the shower head whilst they were showering. The property was being heated via a Combi boiler [...]

Sump Pump Pros and Cons

"We like the house a lot. It's got all the features we're looking for. The only thing that worries me is the sump pump in the basement. Obviously the house has some sort of water problem." It's easy to imagine a prospective home buyer voicing concerns about a sump pump located in a basement or crawl space. But is having one always a bad sign? Is a house automatically better off without one? How reliable are they at keeping water [...]

How Many Fish Can Your Garden Pond Take?

The maximum number of fish you can have in a pond depends on the volume of the water, the quality of the water, the size of the fish, the species of the fish, the climate of the area and the food available.If the pond has no pump, filter or other equipment, in a warm climate, you shouldn't keep more than two 15 centimetre fish per cubic metre (two 6 inch fish per cubic yard). You can keep fish at [...]

Why Won’t My Swimming Pool Pump Move the Water?

"Prime" refers to the ability of the pump to fully circulate water from the pool, to the pump and filter, and then back to the pool. If the pump does not prime, the water within the pump continues to get hotter and hotter, eventually warping the pump basket and possibly doing other damage to the equipment. Not to mention the fact that your pool will be sitting without circulating or filtering, basically stagnating.There are a number of factors that [...]

Explaining Cold Water Accumulators

What is a Cold Water Accumulator? Cold water accumulators are an efficient, energy saving way to deal with the problem of low incoming water pressure to your heating system, and the simplest way to think of them is as a large water storage tank which adds water, topping up the heating system when the demand is greatest. They consist of a steel tank with two chambers separated by a diaphragm. One side of the diaphragm is sealed and pressurized with compressed [...]

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