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Pump set for multiple occupancy building

A Property owner contacted Pump Express looking for information and recommendations for a pump set to supply water in their multiple occupancy building. This building consists of 5 flats over 3 floors, with a total of 15 showers.

The site had a 3000 litre break tank already fitted and the pump set would draw from the break tank and supply potable water to the 5 flats. Each flat had their own pressurised hot water system

Our recommendation was a Twin Pump Flow V 100 Pump Set. This is capable of a performance of 160 litres per min at 3 bar pressure.


  • FLOW V Cold Water Booster SetPowerboost - FLOW V - Twin 4CR 80-N with Steadypres - Variable Speed

    FLOW V 100 – Twin 4 Bar Cold Water Booster Set – Variable Speed

    0 out of 5

    Increases Pressure & Flow Designed for large domestic & commercial use.

    Output up to 160 l/min @ 3 bar

    £2,449.20 inc. VAT

Please contact Pump Express to check suitability if you intend to purchase this item for a similar application. 

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