Replacement for burnt out well pump | Customer Projects

Replacement for burnt out well pump | Customer Projects


Replacement for burnt out well pump

A request for a replacement Well pump was received, due to the current pump had over heated and burnt out.

Discussion first centred on how big the Well was and discovered it was 1.2 metres in diameter and 2 .1 metres deep. The existing pump “being a submerged pump” was actually not submerged due to the fact that three properties were connected to the Well and all had fitted very large holding tanks. The well had been emptied due to all properties filling their holding tanks at the same time and during warmer weather the Well had not recovered sufficiently to cover the pump.

A pump fitted with a float arm was supplied the Pedrollo NKm2/3. This will prevent the pump from burning out if the Well water level is depleted again as the pump will stop running when float arm drops to the pre-set minimum level and will only restart again when there is a sufficient amount of water in the well.


Please contact Pump Express to check suitability if you intend to purchase this item for a similar application. 

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