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Replacement Pond Pump | Customer Projects


Replacement Pond Pump

Here we have a new pond that has been installed as a feature that will contain a fish population and planting.
The owner of this newly constructed pond had purchased a pump prior to the completion.
Headline price and the “reported” headline performance was the draw to the initial unit selected.
In preparation for planting and stocking of the fish, the pump was installed and was left to oxygenate and settle the pond.  The pump lasted just under 48 hours after the initial switch on, the pump was then returned and replaced under warranty. The swapped “replacement” pump then managed just 89 hours before it refused to work anymore.

The loss of confidence in the brand and product prompted the search for a pump that would deliver on performance and reliability: Messner Eco-X2 20000 was the ideal replacement.
With reviews from our customers like “Excellent Quality, So Glad we replaced our 20-year-old Messner with a new Messner” and “Very Well Made” there was no need to take our word alone.

The Eco-X 2 delivers a head of up to 5.5 meters and a flow rate of up to 19,600 per hour.
On comparison to the previous pump installed the flow rate was extremely similar according to the “headlines”, however in reality there was a noticeable increase in flow volume from the Messner, and the head delivered by the previous pump was also considerably less at just 3.8 meters (according to the headlines anyway).

Not only was there a significant difference in performance, but there was a very noticeable difference in running costs. The previous pump was running at 235 watts whilst the Messner Eco-X2 was just 205 watts –  this is a running cost saving of 13% for a better performance! And with energy costs ever increasing the monetary value saved each year will increase and it was a very welcome bonus!



Please contact Pump Express to check suitability if you intend to purchase this item for a similar application. 

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