Pressure boosting on holiday let | Customer Projects

Pressure boosting on holiday let | Customer Projects


Pressure boosting on holiday let

Pump Express was asked to advise on a proposed holiday let that was to be built on a customer’s adjacent property.

The existing house was utilising a gravity vented water system and the holiday let was initially going to be added to this system.

The number of proposed showers in the holiday let would be 5 in total, and the current gravity system was deemed as unable to provide a enough flow to support this.

The 2 storey holiday let was reviewed and the customer is now going to install a pressurised unvented hot water system. A Powertank was then to be installed to in the holiday let to make sure there was enough pressure and flow to feed all the showers and the pressurised hot water system. The Powertank would be supplied via a feed from the existing property.

In order to provide the required pressure and flow for 5 showers as well making sure there was enough stored water should all the showers be running at the same time we recommended a Powertank Utility 500ltr Variable Speed.


Please contact Pump Express to check suitability if you intend to purchase this item for a similar application. 

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