How To Boost Temporary Water Supply For Building Sites

How To Boost Temporary Water Supply For Building Sites

A common requirement for a water boosting product is to supply water for temporary buildings or construction sites. In these situations, there is often a need to supply water to multiple outlets in places such as shower blocks or canteens etc at a high pressure and flow rate.

As with most water pumping applications you need a store of water from which to pump. We offer two product ranges; the first is our twin or triple Pump sets, which are designed to pump from an existing break tank, the second is the Powertank range which are a complete pump and tank solution. We have a range of pump sets available to meet different performance requirements. The Powertank range caters for multiple tank volumes depending on water demand and are available as a twin pump system when our standard single pumps are not enough.

We also supply Hydrofresh pressure boosting units, a complete package with pump, controller, and pressure vessel. Designed for boosting water to a smaller number of outlets.

FLOW V Cold Water Booster Set

Cold Water Booster Pump Sets
Output up to 450 l/min @ 5 bar
Twin or Triple Pump Sets


Powertank – Pump & Tank Units
Output up to 70 l/min @ 4 bar
125-1000ltr Tanks
Twin Pump Options (Double Flow Rate)


Hydrofresh – Pump & Tank Units
Output up to 60 l/min
20 or 60ltr Pressure Vessels
1.8 – 3.0 bar

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