Pumping Stations

Need to remove waste water?
There are many situations where they is a need to remove rain, ground, or waste water and it is not possible to gravity feed to a drainage system. A packaged pump station will collect the water and pump it to the sewage drain. These are commonly used in basements and property extensions.

What pump type do I need?
The type of pump you need will depend on the type of water you are trying to remove. We offer pump stations with Pedrollo Top 2 pumps which are designed for removing ground or rainwater, for waste or sewage water we offer systems with Pedrollo VX pumps with 50mm solids handling.

Our range of sewage pump stations includes options for free-standing or guide rail-mounted pumps.

For advice or more information please contact us we will be happy to help, call 01633 244777 or email enquiries@pumpexpress.co.uk


For Technical Help & Advice Call 01633 244777 or Email enquiries@pumpexpress.co.uk

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