Sewage Pumps

The removal of sewage is not on everybody’s favourite job list, but it is a very important one. These sewage pumps are designed to pump sewage waste water, and water mixed with mud. Our range includes smaller sewage pumps such as the Compatta Evo designed for pumping sewage in domestic properties up to larger sewage pumps such as the MC/50-70 for use in civil and industrial applications. We stock sewage pumps with Vortex & Double Channel impellers as well as sewage Grinder pumps which are necessary in situations where the solid particles will need to be broken up before being pumped.

Typical applications include pumping sewage or waste water in blocks of flats, public buildings, factories, multi-story buildings and underground car parks.

We have a variety of pumps to do the job but as this is one you definitely don’t want to get wrong, if you’re not entirely sure what you need, contact us.

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