Plastic & Brass Fittings

When ordering a part please be aware that the BSP size is different from the actual measurement of the thread. For example 1” BSP would actually measure from one side of the thread to the other as 1.3 inches or 32mm. If you are unsure which is the correct part please call or email for assistance or refer to out BSP sizing reference chart.

Metric Name
Actual Major
Diameter in mm
Actual Major
Diameter in inches
15mm ½” 20.995mm 0.825
20mm ¾” 26.441mm 1.041
25mm 1″ 33.249mm 1.309
32mm 1 ¼” 41.91mm 1.65
40mm 1 ½” 47.803mm 1.882
50mm 2” 59.614mm 2.347


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