Air Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps

Air-operated diaphragm pumps (AOD pumps) are a type of positive displacement pump that uses compressed air as the power source to move fluids. They are widely used in various industries for transferring liquids with high viscosity, abrasive particles, or even fluids containing solids.

SAMOA Diaphragm Pumps are engineered to thrive in harsh environments, providing rugged and reliable fluid transfer solutions for car and truck dealerships, heavy-duty machinery service shops, fleet workshops and small service shops.

SAMOA air operated diaphragm pumps have an innovative Air Distribution System for maximum air efficiency and minimal wear, while significantly reducing pump vibrations and fluid pulsations. Available in a range of sizes, and configurations, materials and flow rates (up to 1000 l/min) there are options to suit all requirements.

We can supply all models of SAMOA pumps, please contact us if the option you require is not listed.


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