Self Priming Pumps

We stock a selection of self-priming pumps including “JET” and liquid ring pumps. The self-priming ability of the pump means that they can draw up fluid from tanks or pits, therefore they have the ability to pump liquid containing air.  The pump will draw the water and the air will be expelled through an air release line.  Once the air is removed the from the system the pump will then operate normally. Typically these pumps have a limited suction lift, and will require some fluid in the pump to get started. Too aid in keeping water in the pump we would also recommend installing a non-return valve at the end of the suction line.

For smaller applications we recommend the Marco range of pumps, if higher performance is required then the Jet-SS and JCR pumps and the high flow Plurijet Range are recommended. We also have self priming pumps available that can pump oil, diesel, and certain chemicals.  If you require any assistance in selecting the right pump please call or email, we will be pleased to help.

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