VIQUA Replacement Lamps & Parts

VIQUA UV Disinfection Units designed to provide years of trouble free high level water treatment with minimal maintenance, however.. to ensure your system works at peak efficiency it is recommended that VIQUA UV lamps be replaced annually as well as the Quartz Sleeves as minerals in the water slowly form a coating on the quartz sleeve reducing the amount of UV light that reaches the water. We also sell controllers which provide valuable information about the UV Disinfection Systems such as; Audible Lamp Failure Alert, Remaining Lamp Life & Displayed Total Running Times.

Genuine Viqua Replacements

The VIQUA UV system is engineered, tested, and certified as a complete unit – including the lamp.

It is important to ONLY use VIQUA lamps in VIQUA UV systems, as the use of non-VIQUA lamps can have a significant impact on UV performance. However, a non-VIQUA lamp can pose a serious physical risk beyond of compromised disinfection, as can be seen in the real life photos below.

Always remember, it’s more than just fit! Using non-VIQUA lamps in VIQUA systems voids all electrical safety certifications and potentially product warranties. It simply isn’t worth the risk.


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