Water Analysis

Water Analysis

We offer an extensive Water analysis service that will provide you with a fantastic analysis and insight into the quality of your water.

Ideal for those using, or looking to utilise wells, boreholes, and off-grid water supplies. The test will also highlight any abnormalities in your mains water supply that may affect your long-term health or pose a more immediate risk to those with allergies or a reduced immune system.

The information is also invaluable to those responsible for facilitating the provision of drinking water (e.g. landlords, offices, medical practices, property management companies, property owners, etc). We would even recommend a water analysis before you commit to buying a property.

Our kits provide everything that is needed for you to take the sample along with instructions.

Along with presenting the clear results of the PREMIUM Water Analysis, we will also suggest the appropriate course of water treatment and filtration in line with your desired outcome.

For Technical Help & Advice Call 01633 244777 or Email enquiries@pumpexpress.co.uk

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