Fixed Speed Pump Controllers

Fixed Speed Controllers are designed to automate the pump. These can either fit in the outlet of most surface pumps or, somewhere on the pipework before the first draw-off (outlet).

Fixed speed refers to how the controller operates the pump – you can’t choose a speed it’s fixed so the pump is either on or off. You cannot choose a working pressure with this type of controller, however, for domestic purposes, it is quite common to fit a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) after the controller to avoid/control additional pressure.

The controller senses a drop in pressure to start the pump e.g. when a tap or shower is turned on a drop in pressure in the pipework is sensed and the pump kicks in. It switches off the pump when the flow stops, so when the tap is closed or the shower is switched off.

Fixed Speed Controllers also protect the pump from dry running and current overload.

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