How To Treat Hard Water

How To Treat Hard Water

How to alleviate skin conditions caused by hard water

Studies have shown that people with eczema are more sensitive to the effects of hard water compared to people with healthy skin. Hard water can damage the outer layer of the skin leading to itching and redness.

A water softener can help those with eczema and sensitive skin as well as allowing easier lathering of soap and a “soft” feel on the skin.


How to prevent scale build up in kitchens and bathrooms

Scale occurs when water containing Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate is heated. A water softener or water conditioning device will prevent scale formation even at high temperatures.

Your kettle, shower, sinks, taps, washing machine and dishwasher will all be free from scale.


How to prolong the life of your boiler and save energy & money

Scale build up on heating elements in your boiler or immersion heater drastically reduce the efficiency of heat transfer therefore increasing your energy bills. Scale can also lead to the eventual failure of the heating element.

This can be solved with a water softener. Damaging Calcium and Magnesium ions will be removed, providing your boiler and every other appliance in your house with perfectly soft water.


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