How To Boost Water in Hotels, B&B’s & Apartments

How To Boost Water in Hotels, B&B’s & Apartments

Large commercial buildings such as Hotels, and B&B’s have a requirement for high water pressure and flow to many outlets such as showers and basins in multiple rooms. Apartment buildings also have to provide a sufficient cold-water main supply for each apartment. This can sometimes be a challenge with mains water supplies often not being sufficient. We offer twin or triple pumps sets as well as pump and tank solutions for meeting these requirements.

The Powertank pump and tank range is designed for use where there is no existing cold water tank from which to pump water and the Pump sets are for use where there is already an existing, sufficiently sized cold water tank.

FLOW V Cold Water Booster Set

Cold Water Booster Pump Sets
Output up to 450 l/min @ 5 bar
Twin or Triple Pump Sets


Powertank – Pump & Tank Units
Output up to 70 l/min @ 4 bar
125-1000ltr Tanks
Twin Pump Options (Double Flow Rate)

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