How To Remove Standing Water

How To Remove :
Flood Water or Standing Water from your Garden Patio

floodwater-removal-patioIf you live in an area with a high water table, or near a river, or you simply just have a lot of rain in a short space of time, you might find your lawn waterlogged or your patio under 6″ of water and in danger of flooding your house. When this happens you obviously need to remove the water quickly, and this is where a pump is the best solution.

Currently there is not a portable “automatic” pump that is on the market (that we know of) that can remove your nuisance intermittent water. There is however a submersible pump with a specially-shaped suction strainer that can pump down to a level of 2mm (often these are called “puddle-suckers”).

Please view our “Submersible Flood Kit” as it is our most popular model, and details can be found on our website.

Because they are not “automatic”, then you will need to turn the pump on yourself and turn it off again once it has done its job (you cannot run a pump dry).

If you are looking for an “Automated Solution” please see the section on How to keep your cellar drySubmersible Flood Kit

This would best suit people who want to fit and forget their pump, and therefore the best option is to put an automatic pump in a sump (hole in the ground) with a float switch on a short cable.

The “Submersible Flood Kits” are designed for 1 1/4″ hose, which we sell, and you simply push it onto the top of the pump and secure with a jubilee clip. Smaller bore hose could be used, but this will slow down the water evacuation flow-rate.

Pumps of this size are usually made from tough durable materials thereby making them lightweight and portable. They usually come with 10 metres of cable and are designed to function partially (or Pedrollo-Top-Drainage-Pumpfully) submerged. The pumps are designed to pump several metres uphill, so you will just need to run the hose to your nearest ground-level drain. For their physical size they are very powerful – they can remove water at a flow rate of around 100 litres (20 gallons) per minute, which will empty a flooded patio in just a few minutes. They are NOT tolerant of stones, lumps of mud, leaves etc so be careful where you put the pump. Larger, more powerful pumps are also available if required and many models are also available in 110v.

If you have a regular flooding problem you may wish to consider a more permanent solution. If you can lift up some slabs and create a sump (chamber) at least 350mmx350mmx350mm then you can install a fully automatic submersible pump that will remove your problem water before it has a chance to become deep. The Pedrollo Top pump is suitable for this and details can be found by clicking here.

We also offer a range of Packaged Pump Stations These are Powerdrain-Mini-Basement-Pump-Stationdesigned to remove rain or ground water when it is not possible to gravity feed to a drainage system. A packaged pump station will collect the water and pump it to the sewage drain. These are commonly used in basements and property extensions for the drainage of nuisance water or surface water from basements and house extensions.

If you would like to discuss your system or require help in selecting the best pump please call us on 01633 244777 to discuss the options or e-mail us using

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