Whole House Water Pressure Boosting

Water Pressure Boosting to Whole House

Many properties suffer with poor water supply where either the flow, pressure or sometimes both are insufficient resulting in poor performance of showers, taps and other domestic appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and toilets etc. This can cause havoc in the household, especially when a tap is turned on or a toilet is flushed whilst someone is using the shower causing either the shower to go very hot or cold, very weak, or sometimes turn off completely.

To boost water pressure in your property you must first have stored water. Water Authority byelaws prevent a pump from being connected directly to the mains supply*, so when mains supply pressure needs a boost a break tank must be incorporated into the system. Traditional gravity-fed systems have this already.

If you have a combi or megaflow system where there is no stored cold water in the property, then our Fixed Speed and Variable Speed Powertanks offer an all-in-one house-boosting solution to increase your water pressure and flow. The Powertank range caters for multiple space and storage capacity requirements. If you need help in selecting the right tank please refer to our Powertank Selection Guide.

If you have a combi or megaflow system but would like to source your own break tank then our single Sentinel pump sets with pressure vessel and controller, will give you a solution to boost the water around your house.

If you have a traditional gravity-fed system with a hot water tank (usually in an airing cupboard) and a cold water tank (usually in the loft) then our twin Sentinel pump sets are what you need.


For Use With Unvented/Pressurised/Combi or Megaflow Hot Water Systems

For Use With Vented/Gravity Fed Hot Water Systems

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